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Environmental Studies School
ESS was developed for the benefit of State Garden Clubs and their member clubs as a service to the communities they serve. Each Studies School consists of a series of four 2-day sessions.

Floral Design
Basic Six Units and Three Advanced Units focus on Basic Floral Design for the home and Flower Shows using fresh plant materials and flowers.

Flower Show School
Flower Show School is one of the four National Garden Club Schools. This particular school is designed to prepare students to become Flower Show Judges. A series of four courses with a specific curriculum and an opportunity to write a Flower Show Schedule teaches the how and why of flower shows and the judging. These courses are also very helpful for those wishing to put on a flower show or exhibit in a flower show.

Flower Show Symposium
Symposiums are courses in advanced study of horticulture, design and allied subjects and are open to all garden club members. NGC Judges are required to attend periodically, in order to maintain good standing.

FFGC/University of Florida Short Course
Leaders in horticulture and design speaking throughout this annual event held at and with University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.

NGC Gardening Study Courses
These courses are designed to provide information on topics of interest to those especially interested in gardening, horticulture and related topics. The program consists of a series of four courses, held about six months apart, scheduled usually for two days of instruction, followed by a general examination..

Horticulture Studies
“Digging It”
is Florida’s NGC Award winning Horticulture Study Series covering topics such as Nomenclature, Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Containers, Arboreal, Fruits and Vegetables, Vines and others. This program has 14 optional topics to trade in and out to suit your area and interests. After the first course, the others can be taken in any order.
“The Landscape Design Study” is an educational program available to members and non-members. It includes four courses geared to develop a greater sense of appreciation and knowledge about our private and public gardens. The diversity of the course curriculum from the history of landscape design to that of contemporary landscape architecture appeals to a broad range of interests. “Short Course North” is an exclusive FFGC educational opportunity with speakers, horticulture and design, workshops, field trips, food, vendors and door prizes. It is a two day event held yearly in the Florida Panhandle “Tropical Short Course” is a ‘Tri-Refresher’ that covers landscape design, gardening updates, environmental issues, and outstanding floral design presentations. Docent will guide you through newly installed gardens and vendors will provide a variety of plants and related garden items.

For more details about these courses and others go to the websites of NGC ; FFGC and District VIII